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Collagen Type IV (Type IV Collagen) Summary

Description: A non-fibrillar collagen found in the structure of BASEMENT MEMBRANE. Collagen type IV molecules assemble to form a sheet-like network which is involved in maintaining the structural integrity of basement membranes. The predominant form of the protein is comprised of two alpha1(IV) subunits and one alpha2(IV) subunit, however, at least six different alpha subunits can be incorporated into the heterotrimer.

Also Known As: Type IV Collagen; 7S Collagen; Collagen Type IV, alpha1 Chain; Collagen Type IV, alpha1 Subunit; Collagen Type IV, alpha2 Chain Show All >>

Networked: 2206 relevant articles (22 outcomes, 244 trials/studies) for this Bio-Agent

Key Diseases for which Collagen Type IV is Relevant

  1. Fibrosis (Cirrhosis) : 5 outcomes 21 studies in 180 results
  2. Diabetic Nephropathies (Diabetic Nephropathy) : 3 outcomes 15 studies in 81 results
  3. Neoplasms (Cancer) : 2 outcomes 43 studies in 424 results
  4. Liver Cirrhosis (Hepatic Cirrhosis) : 2 outcomes 7 studies in 72 results
  5. Proteinuria : 2 outcomes 2 studies in 40 results
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Drugs Related to Collagen Type IV

  1. Laminin (Merosin)
  2. Collagen Type III (Type III Collagen)
  3. Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronan)
  4. Fibronectins (Fibronectin)
  5. Collagen Type I (Type I Collagen)
  6. Biological Markers (Surrogate Marker)
  7. Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-1
  8. Antibodies
  9. Collagen
  10. Transforming Growth Factor beta (TGF-beta)
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Therapies Related to Collagen Type IV

  1. Drug Therapy (Chemotherapy)
  2. Aftercare (After-Treatment)
  3. Heterologous Transplantation (Xenotransplantation)
  4. Transplants (Transplant)
  5. Transplantation (Transplant Recipients)
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