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Dental Marginal Adaptation Summary

Description: The degree of approximation or fit of filling material or dental prosthetic to the tooth surface. A close marginal adaptation and seal at the interface is important for successful dental restorations.

Also Known As: Dental Internal Adaptation; Dental Internal Fit; Adaptation, Dental Internal; Adaptation, Dental Marginal; Adaptations, Dental Internal Show All >>

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Key Diseases for which Dental Marginal Adaptation is Relevant

  1. Dental Leakage : 1 result

Drugs Related to Dental Marginal Adaptation

Therapies Related to Dental Marginal Adaptation

  1. Prostheses and Implants (Prosthesis)
  2. Dental Prosthesis
  3. Inlays (Inlay)
  4. Dental Abutments

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