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Dental Prosthesis Summary

Description: An artificial replacement for one or more natural teeth or part of a tooth, or associated structures, ranging from a portion of a tooth to a complete denture. The dental prosthesis is used for cosmetic or functional reasons, or both. DENTURES and specific types of dentures are also available. (From Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed, p244 & Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p643)

Also Known As: Dental Prostheses; Prostheses, Dental; Prosthesis, Dental

Networked: 320 relevant articles (5 outcomes, 23 trials/studies) for this Therapy

Key Diseases for which Dental Prosthesis is Relevant

  1. Fatigue : 1 outcome 2 studies in 14 results
  2. Denture Stomatitis : 1 outcome in 12 results
  3. Head and Neck Neoplasms (Head and Neck Cancer) : 1 outcome in 2 results
  4. Hyperesthesia : 1 outcome in 1 result
  5. Communicable Diseases (Infectious Diseases) : 1 outcome in 1 result
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Drugs Related to Dental Prosthesis

  1. Itraconazole (Sporanox)
  2. Fluconazole (Zonal)
  3. Lithium
  4. zirconium oxide (zirconia)
  5. formycin diphosphate (FDP)
  6. acrylic acid (acrylate)
  7. Dental Materials
  8. Y-TZP ceramic
  9. Alloys
  10. Dental Implants (Dental Implant)
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Therapies Related to Dental Prosthesis

  1. Prostheses and Implants (Prosthesis)
  2. Brachytherapy
  3. Inlays (Inlay)
  4. Fixed Partial Denture (Pontic)
  5. Total Parenteral Nutrition
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