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Pulmonary Plasma Cell Granuloma Summary

Description: A tumor-like inflammatory lesion of the lung that is composed of PLASMA CELLS and fibrous tissue. It is also known as an inflammatory pseudotumor, often with calcification and measuring between 2 and 5 cm in diameter.

Also Known As: Plasma Cell Granuloma, Pulmonary; Inflammatory Pseudotumor, Pulmonary; Inflammatory Pulmonary Pseudotumor; Plasma Cell Granuloma of Lung; Pseudotumor, Inflammatory, Pulmonary; Pseudotumor, Pulmonary Inflammatory; Pulmonary Granuloma, Plasma Cell; Pulmonary Inflammatory Pseudotumor; Pulmonary Pseudotumor, Inflammatory; Inflammatory Pseudotumors, Pulmonary; Inflammatory Pulmonary Pseudotumors; Pulmonary Inflammatory Pseudotumors; Pulmonary Pseudotumors, Inflammatory; Granuloma, Plasma Cell, Pulmonary; Inflammatory Pseudotumor of Lung

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Key Drugs and Agents for Pulmonary Plasma Cell Granuloma

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Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to treatments:
  1. Cadherins (E-Cadherin) : 1 result : IBA
  2. Immunoglobulins (Immunoglobulin) : 1 result : IBA
  3. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) : 1 result : IBA
  4. Carcinoembryonic Antigen : 1 result : IBA
  5. delta catenin : 1 result : IBA

Diseases Related to Pulmonary Plasma Cell Granuloma

  1. Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma (Dermatofibroma)
  2. Tuberculosis (Tuberculoses)
  3. Thymoma (Thymic Carcinoma)
  4. Stomach Neoplasms (Stomach Cancer)
  5. Pancreatitis
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Key Therapies for Pulmonary Plasma Cell Granuloma

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  1. Thoracotomy : 2 results
  2. Pneumonectomy (Lung Volume Reduction) : 2 results

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