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Histocompatibility Antigens (Histocompatibility Antigen) Summary

Description: A group of antigens that includes both the major and minor histocompatibility antigens. The former are genetically determined by the major histocompatibility complex. They determine tissue type for transplantation and cause allograft rejections. The latter are systems of allelic alloantigens that can cause weak transplant rejection.

Also Known As: Histocompatibility Antigen; Antigens, Transplantation; LD Antigens; SD Antigens; Antigen, Histocompatibility; Antigens, Histocompatibility; Antigens, LD; Antigens, SD; Transplantation Antigens

Networked: 1123 relevant articles (10 outcomes, 73 trials/studies) for this Bio-Agent

Key Diseases for which Histocompatibility Antigens is Relevant

  1. Neoplasms (Cancer) : 6 outcomes 13 studies in 304 results
  2. Graft vs Host Disease (Graft-Versus-Host Disease) : 2 outcomes 4 studies in 72 results
  3. Multiple Sclerosis : 1 outcome 2 studies in 21 results
  4. Neoplasm Metastasis (Metastasis) : 1 outcome 1 study in 13 results
  5. Autoimmune Diseases (Autoimmune Disease) : 1 outcome in 18 results
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Drugs Related to Histocompatibility Antigens

  1. Antigens
  2. tumor-associated transplantation antigen (TSTA)
  3. Methylcholanthrene
  4. Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor)
  5. Peptides
  6. Transforming Growth Factor beta1 (TGF beta 1)
  7. Interleukin-7 Receptor alpha Subunit
  8. Interferon alpha-beta Receptor (Receptor, Interferon alpha beta)
  9. CCR5 Receptors (CCR5 Receptor)
  10. rituximab (Mabthera)
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Therapies Related to Histocompatibility Antigens

  1. Immunotherapy
  2. Transplants (Transplant)
  3. Bone Marrow Transplantation (Transplantation, Bone Marrow)
  4. Transplantation (Transplant Recipients)
  5. Homologous Transplantation (Allograft)
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