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Renal Aminoacidurias (Aminoaciduria, Renal) Summary

Description: A group of inherited kidney disorders characterized by the abnormally elevated levels of AMINO ACIDS in URINE. Genetic mutations of transport proteins result in the defective reabsorption of free amino acids at the PROXIMAL RENAL TUBULES. Renal aminoaciduria are classified by the specific amino acid or acids involved.

Also Known As: Aminoaciduria, Renal; Renal Aminoaciduria; Aminoacidurias, Renal

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Key Drugs and Agents for Renal Aminoacidurias

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Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to treatments:
  1. Uric Acid (Urate) : 1 study in 1 result : IBA
  2. Glucose (Dextrose) : 1 result : FDA 175 Generic
  3. D-Amino-Acid Oxidase (D-Amino Acid Dehydrogenase) : 1 result : IBA
  4. Blood Proteins (Serum Proteins) : 1 result : IBA
  5. Amino Acids : 1 result : FDA 53

Diseases Related to Renal Aminoacidurias

  1. Hypophosphatemia
  2. Familial Hypophosphatemia (Phosphate Diabetes)
  3. Glycosuria
  4. Fanconi Syndrome (Syndrome, Fanconi)
  5. Renal Tubular Acidosis (Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis)
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Key Therapies for Renal Aminoacidurias

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